My name is Alexa Cobb and I sing and play guitar in the band.
I started out as a guest artist with Alder Eagle when I was 11 years old.  
My big debut consisted of “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” and “Midnight
Special.”  At the time I had been playing guitar only a few months.  I was
inspired by some amazing musicians in my life at the time and picked up
the guitar.  I haven’t put it down since then.
I was introduced to the band by my dad, Al.  He and Steve went to South
Gate High School and were in the same Boy Scout troop.  Steve also
knew my mom, Sue, since grammar school.  You could say we all go way
As I got older, I continued taking guitar lessons and excelling as a
musician.  I joined choir in middle school and played guitar, singing with
my friends at some of our school concerts.  I continued my choir career
all throughout high school as an alto section leader in Chamber Singers.  
My two best friends and I won the talent show at our school and did
many gigs outside school.  I would play guitar and we would all sing three
part harmony folk songs, our most popular being the Dixie Chicks version
of “Landslide.”
Currently I am attending the Los Angeles Music Academy in Pasadena
and majoring in Vocal Development, but I do plan on continuing making
music with my favorite guys.
Alexa Cobb
Guitar, Harmonica, Keyboard and Vocals
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